Sunday, June 1, 2008

Obama '08

The class made a trip to the Obama camp after talking with Earl at his Barbershop and a few of his patrons. I wasn't sure what to expect as he was right in the middle of working and here the whole class was crammed into his small shop. Earl was a friendly guy after he got a few answers in him and seemed to warm up pretty fast. The class asked him what he thought of the upcoming primaries and what he thought of Obama's chances. Needless to say he was proud and excited at the prospect of a historical presidency possibility.

We ended up chit chatting to some of the volunteers at the Obama Office just a few blocks from Alberta. General questions really but you could feel the excitement in the air. I'm sure it was partly due to my own excitement about this election but you could see it in these volunteers smiling faces more so! We learned that some of the head organizers were from back east and even one that had graduated from UofO. Overall a great experience which I really enjoyed.

The one thing I did notice was the many children’s drawings, some of them pretty comical but all of them full of spirit. I'm very partial to children’s drawings as I remember many of times I drew as a child. I can almost imagine what they are thinking when they draw images of Obama. It's all very interesting really because its that generation that has the most to lose.

While in the office i noticed several large designed portraits of Obama on the walls. It struck me most becasue it was graphically the strongest thing in the white/wooden room we were standing in. I found it when i got hom eonline and it was done by the same artist that does all the OBEY artwork. Here is a link:

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