Wednesday, April 23, 2008

first day on the spot

UNST 421 10:05am Aprial 23rd 2008

I get off the 72-bus line at about 5 after 10 and see some of my fellow classmates standing down the street by the empty lot. I do the cordial thing and say hello then I scope out the lot for the first time. Interesting to say the least with littered junk mixed with in-progress/long-forgotten student art projects. I take some pictures of things I think say something about my initial feeling on the space. Fascinating really, coffee cups, good beer bottles, and high alcohol beer cans seem to be the local litter trend in this area. I paid careful attention to the photo's compositions, as I believe it talks more about my initial emotions of what I see, then just the items themselves.

I walk back down to the street where my classmates stand when a white late 90's caddie with dubs backs in to park on the street. An African American fellow gets out signing some gospel song I don't recognize and looks right at me. I think I catch his eyes go to my Obama for President button on my bag strap as he says hello with a gold toothed smile. I smile back as I acknowledge his observation of my political affiliations and say "what's up".